CAN blog

  1. This new CAN blog provides a quick synopsis of what’s happening in the NFT space from our personal perspective.
  2. CAN featured artist Panter Xhita sells her recent work ‘Augment Reality: Visit a friend’ to el_castor for 3.69 ETH
    Visit Panter’s CAN interview here:
  3. Creator of the infamous ‘Basqunks’ Tam McCullough is auctioning collaborations with fellow artists on Friday the 15th April inspired by his ‘Faces of Def’ collection.
  4. The RMRK team continue to push ahead with some incredible innovations, including their new virtual land sale, as well as the new website that enables artists to create NFT ‘legos’ that can include multiple NFT layers.
  5. Meta plan an eye-watering 47.5% fee from content creators on their virtual platform. Needless to say Twitter is not impressed!
  6. Dogami continue to ride high in the charts
  7. MOAR by the infamous Joan Cornella is the top ranked collection on Opensea this week.
  8. ‘Eyes on’ Night Traders Rebooted by Cryptopom
  9. ‘Eyes on’ Matt Bagg and his Tezzomboiz upgrades!
  10. ‘Artist Spotlight’ check out