The very first CAN artist collaboration was successfully auctioned on the Clean NFT platform and features 18 incredible artists. There are still a number of variant pieces remaining for sale on

CAN Collaboration 01 Live on Kalamint

The concept of the artwork is based on Andy Warhol’s famous Campbell soup cans, which were created as a homage to his love of the product, that he supposedly drank every day. While we admire Andy’s persistence in his relentless appetite for soup, our artists have taken the concept and found their own way to express themselves via soup cans, soda cans, spray cans etc. The artwork features traditional painters, 3D artists, digital artists and even crochet. It is a truly eclectic body of work that exemplifies the depth and quality of the CAN artists who have taken part.

CAN – Promotional trailer 3

The first CAN collaboration features the following artists in alphabetical order:

CAN have written a recipe for their collaboration that outlines the very concept and intention of the artwork:

DIRECTIONS: Take some of the best cryptoart talent around today and give them the opportunity to collaborate and express themselves via the #CleanNFT Tezos platform

COLLABORATION 1: Invite each artist to create a work of art inspired by Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s soup cans. The resulting collaboration will create an eclectic range of artistic talent in the form of 1 special NFT artwork.

Prepared from a love of great art, talented artists, dedication, rich themes, imagination and a hint of spice!

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1 lucky collector will be able to bid on this unique artwork from the 5th July. *Please note that variant cans will be available on from some of the artists featured above. CAN intend to create more opportunities for collaborations in the near future, featuring new artists that are interviewed and reviewed on this website.