CAN Review – This reviewer has seen Crypt0Warr10r develop his technique and approach to his art over time and is delighted to see his work being recognised and sought after on various platforms. Some artists provide copious amounts of information on their background, while others are sparse and decidedly ‘minimal’ in their approach to interviews, preferring to emote and reveal via their artwork. Crypt0Warr10r definitely falls into the second category, but those who know him on social media can attest to his generosity of spirit and willingness to promote and support countless artists.

His work has evolved into a very distinctive aesthetic that combines a deep love of texture, silhouette or matisse-like cut-out shapes and narrative. The artwork ‘Never Let Them See You Bleed’ is a highly emotive image with a silhouetted figure kneeling to support them in a time of crisis. The stark black figure is surrounded by a colourful textured background, but there are telltale signs of turmoil with the daubs of red paint that suggest violence against them.

This piece is about the way I have dealt with trauma in my life. Never let them see you bleed is about refusing to show when you are hurting or when you are in pain.

I made this piece using a mixture of acrylic and gouache textures combined with photography.

‘Never Let Them See You Bleed’ by Crypt0Warr10r

The next piece ‘Through the Darkness’ is somewhat reminiscent of a prehistoric cave painting with bright hues of paint emerging out of darker hues of colour. Crypt0Warr10r manages to combine the light and dark to great effect, with neither dominating the overall abstract composition. Again his description of the piece reveals a personal touch and pays testimony to others who have helped the artist during difficult times.

An emotional piece I made when for a while all seemed bleak in my world.

The colours coming through the darkness represent the people who have been there for me and brought me back.

An abstract piece combining gouache on canvas and photography.

‘Through the Darkness’ by Crypt0Warr10r

The final piece reveals an artist reflecting on a past relationship of some kind and coming to the realisation that certain events are irreversible, yet with help and support a new pathway can emerge that is positive. The central figure appears to be bound with bandages and set against a colourful background with a brick texture, suggesting an event that is quite literally ‘set in stone’. The description is haunting yet hopeful for the future.

If time travel was possible I would go back to protect her. Unfortunately all I can do is be there for her and try to fix her. Like chipboard she will be whole again but never exactly like she was before. Artwork combining photography with gouache textures.

‘I Will Try To Fix You’ by Crypt0Warr10r

CAN hope that you take the time to explore Crypt0Warr10r’s following profile, as there is an abundance of thought-provoking work there.


Social media links and website profiles

What is your background as an artist in general? 
Digital artist/Photographer

What is your overall process in generating art? 
I created my backgrounds using acrylic/gouache paint on canvas. I then combine them with my own photography of natural textures.

How would you describe your art in your own words?
Street art/Abstract art

Favourite artists / influences?

How did you discover the new blockchain world of Crypto Art and NFTs in general? 
I bought Crypto coins as investments since 2019, as an artist I watched the NFT art scene take off and decided to show my art.

Has the digital nature of cryptoart NFTs changed how you approach your art practice? 
Hasn’t change my approach as I have always used Photshop to manipulate and enhance my works.

What if anything, has surprised you about this new area of art practice? 
The community who are so willing to support each other.

Please provide 3 examples that you would like to feature in your blog entry. (e.g. webpage urls that feature a distinctive pieces of work that this website can use with your consent)

How would you like the field of cryptoart and nfts to evolve over time? 
I would like to see more platforms on the Tezos blockchain.

How can access and information to this new field of art practice be encouraged? 
Through social media