The HO APE – SERIE X – 006 – TIERRA by Harto

Harto’s 3D imagery is rich with colour, tactile shapes and textures, and often contains strong themes and concepts. His most recent collection on https://Signart.App features a series of ape-like 3D characters that each have a unique set of textures inspired in his previous design-Toy collection “The Ho”. In the example above, the character is textured with natural features like grass, earth and small rocks, while others may be based upon colourful designs, different elements, or even fire and steam. The subtle graduation of colour in the background helps the character to stand out and focus the viewer’s attention on each custom-designed ape. The series is proving to be very popular on http://SignArt.App

Harto’s next 3D artwork entitled ‘masculinity’ questions our notions on what it means to be male and how traditional, or more ‘toxic’ forms of male masculinity would typically reject some of the features represented in the artwork below. The male figures are clearly revelling in a freedom of expression, without any elements of negative or toxic masculinity to manifest themselves in the artwork. Perfectly toned, muscled male bodies in a range of reclining, posing and sexualised states confront the viewer, but the calm facial expressions relay no elements of aggression whatsoever. These colourful male figures are simply revelling in their own form of masculinity and do not appear to be concerned by the thoughts or presence of others.

‘Masculinity’ by Harto

Harto’s final image/animation is one that reveals his love of colour and its association with our emotions. Linking it to Picasso’s Guernica is perhaps a challenging idea, as our knowledge of the original piece is bound with the horrors of war and the stark monochromatic imagery of the rendered painting. In contrast, Harto has created a subtle colour palette that seems to jar with the original intent of Picasso’s creation. The animated piece begings with a slow build up of text on a black screen before revealing Harto’s interpretation of this pivotal work by Picasso.

‘When I was a child’ by Harto on

It’s fascinating to see how the emergence of the cryptoart and NFT world has enabled artists like Harto to rekindle their artistic skills and find new revenue streams that can support them in the future.


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What is your background as an artist in general?
My name is Arturo, but my artistic name in recent years is Harto. I come from Spain, but currently, I live and work in Toulouse as a street theatre comedian and artist. I studied design in Barcelona but my profile is a mixture of disciplines. Right now the projects that interest me the most are the study of movement and digital art, I always liked to draw and create all kinds of things.

What is your overall process in generating art?
It depends on many things, there is an infinity of worlds that I am passionate about and I try to mix a drop of each in the projects in which I participate. Photography and theatre are part of my daily life and I think it is incredibly useful to have multiple references and to be multidisciplinary. I study color, I try to observe the colors that surround me and learn from the theories of color and how they influence us emotionally, it may come directly from the use of the tones used in product design and how everyday objects affect us.

How would you describe your art in your own words?
A mix of geometry, color, and emotions.

Favourite artists / influences?
but is difficult to choose, lot’s of great artists on the NFT ecosystem

How did you discover the new blockchain world of Crypto Art and NFTs in general?
I followed the crypto world since 2015 but I started investing last year because of my financial stability. I work as a comedian so it is difficult to have a good salary. NFT since 2020 also.

Has the digital nature of cryptoart NFTs changed how you approach your art practice? 
Yes, I’m really motivated. In several months I have improved a lot and I have met many interesting people. The potential of NFTs is enormous and thanks to the ecosystem many artists will be able to live thanks to this technology!

What if anything, has surprised you about this new area of art practice?
The 3D value. I started 3D 10 years ago in university, some years ago 3D modelers were not cool, I used to be called a geek. Now it is the new hype.

How would you like the field of cryptoart and nfts to evolve over time?
Less gas fees like on signart to help artists and easy user experience. Also find a solution for the carbon cost of minting.

How can access and information to this new field of art practice be encouraged?
Better user experience for people that don’t know about cryptocurrencies.

You can view Harto’s animated work by following the links above.