*Contains content that might weird some people out ...
Milky Pepe 001
Milky Pepe 001 – The Origin

The founder of CAN has created a new limited edition series with his old college buddy ‘ChooChoo’ that aims to support the ongoing development of www.cryptoartnfts.com A percentage of any profits made from the ‘Milky Pepe’ animated nft series will fund the website and more importantly explore potential collaborations with CAN artists on the blockchain. CAN will be reaching out to experienced nft artists and developers to realise some of our ideas and we hope you enjoy the journey with us. CAN will continue to promote the work of artists on Twitter. We want the CAN family and crew to rise together!

A little more on the series itself. Each Milky Pepe is lovingly created and carries the ethos of “a happy frog just milking it!” It’s a limited series of animations that will be minted on Rarible (we felt this was the best nft marketplace for this kind of material). There will only ever be 100 Milky Pepes…

Milky Pepe 002 – Clown wig
Milky Pepe 003 – Thor and Loki