The Flood – by Nickeays and PNAU

CAN Review – There is a sense of the supernatural and otherworldly in Nickeays’ visually stimulating portfolio. His 3D creations feature fantasy characters such as angels, unicorns, nymphs and in his most recent work with musician PNAU, a spiritual aspect is strongly represented through the Virgin Mary. Nickeays lays out the rich concept behind his animated piece ‘The Flood’ in Makersplace.

Creators Nicholas Keays & PNAU

The tide rises in synchronicity with the lunar phases, the highest tides occur when The Moon is new or full.

PNAU’s debut digital collection is a journey of prophetic visualisation upon psychedelic and spiritual motif, co-directed and soundtracked by PNAU.

If you purchase the 1/1 ‘The Flood’, ownership of this NFT grants you access to an unreleased remix by renowned UK producers Waze & Odssey

Nickeays repurposes the Virgin Mary in yet another artwork in the collection. The morphic qualities of the flowing robes and the liquid animation give ‘Rebirth Au 79’ a transformative quality, that takes the religious figure of the Virgin Mary and combines it with a fluid organic state that reflects a certain aspect of the material substance:

Gold is symbolic of The Sun, enlightenment and the masculine energies.

Rebirth Au 79 by Nickeays
Rebirth Au 79

It’s worth noting that in the ‘static’ digital artwork such as Rebirth Au 79 above, Nickeays also uses chlorine free paper and vegetable-based inks in the print-based work which is then delivered to the buyer. At the time of writing the collection is on a launch countdown on makersplace with just over 2 days to go before going live.


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What is the nature of the collaboration?
From the primordial dark void came the creation of light, nothing can be created if it does not originate from this same void. PNAU’s debut digital collection is a journey of prophetic visualisation upon psychedelic and spiritual motif, co-directed and soundtracked by PNAU.

What is your overall process in generating this collaborative piece?
The initial conversation set a direction for the concept, after this i can get to work in building/lighting/texturing and animating the scene and then comes the dreaded hundreds of hours of rendering.

How would you describe the outcome in your own words?
I see this as a literal rebirth of the Virgin Mary into the age of virtual realities, transporting the essence of the divine feminine to the blockchain for eternity.

Favourite artists / influences?
Toshio Saeki, Stanley Kubrick & Disney.

How did you discover Crypto Art NFTs?
I was very fortunate in being invited to be part of a virtual exhibition titled “Principia Discordia” hosted by Feltzine in October of 2020 with Superrare

Has the digital nature of cryptoart NFTs changed how you approach your art practice?
Due to the financial support Cryptoart/NFTs provides I no longer rely on entirely on commissions to pay the bills, I can focus on creating the art I was born to make.

What if anything, has surprised you about this new area of art practice?
There is an overwhelming amount of support and resources, this is truly the end of the stereotypical struggling artist.

How would you like the field of cryptoart and nfts to evolve over time?
I am hanging for an eco friendly upgrade to counter the current model, The more green the better!

How can access and information to this new field of art practice be encouraged?
Twitter & discord is your gateway to a community of Collectors, artists and developers all more than willing to help.

Anything you’d like to say that this form hasn’t covered?
I would love to add “Please watch this space, I have so much exciting projects in the works in the way of NFTs and i can’t wait to share!”

You can view the whole collection here: