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CAN is the work of cryptoartist ‘Craigers’, a multimedia artist of over 20+ years. Craigers’ work is inspired by subcultures, mythology, comics, and alternate realities.

You can find his work on a number of cryptoart platforms via his https://linktr.ee/craigers page

While Craigers is involved in the cryptoart scene, in a past life he also completed his Doctoral thesis on the emerging field of animation practice known as ‘Motion Comics’, has published his findings Internationally, and has taught Digital Media in various UK and Irish universities.

His interest in cryptoart and nfts stems from his own artistic practice, and also the active community that has sprung up in recent years. From fine art paintings, to 3D animations, rare cryptopunks, and earth-shaking Beeple drops, this area is vast in its diversity and talent. This website hopes to shed a light on some of the artists and their work in greater detail, bringing reviews to the cryptoart discourse and hopefully being a positive element in this exciting art movement. You can follow @cryptoartnfts1 on Twitter for new articles and review updates.

Finally, thank you to the artists who have already given their time to talk about their work. It is very much appreciated.