CAN Review – *Full disclosure Craigers is an approved cryptoartist with SIGNArt.

The SIGN Art platform is a relative newcomer to the cryptoart scene, yet it has some strong features that make it worthy of any artist or collector’s attention. It has some of the most strict protocols to ensure the authenticity of an nft artwork that I have seen to date. Each artwork must be certified along with the original artwork file (e.g. .PSD, .Krita, Blender3D file etc…), in order to mint a new artwork.

It uses the WAVES platform (established in 2016), which is straightforward to access, trade, and obtain a suitable wallet. The fees on the platform are paid in SIGN, which can be easily exchanged on WAVES Exchange and the process is thankfully very user-friendly. Fees are miniscule compared to the Ethereum blockchain at the moment, as certifying and minting only cost a fixed $1 … I’ll let that sink in for a moment. The fee is fixed at $1, and does not fluctuate because of the efficiency of the WAVES platform. Similarly, these fees are miniscule for collectors as well, and it’s good to see the money going into the pockets of the artists, rather than a congested network.

I feel it is important to mention that this is a FIXED fee, it will always remain $1, there is no gas on Waves, no fluctuation in fees.

Online conversation with SIGNArtApp team

The website continues to grow and mature, and there is a clear sense of a team who are listening closely to the artists on the platform, with small iterations and developments that help the artist make a sale, promote their work, connect with new buyers, etc. CAN look forward to seeing the site develop and grow, and the gallery on the homepage is full of exciting artwork that is testimony to the team’s slow but steady integration of artists.

The team are including 20 new artists each monday and there’s a significant amount of applications currently coming in, so new applicants can experience a waiting time of about 2 weeks.

Name of platform
Signature Chain (Company) – SIGN Art (Platform)

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What do you provide? 
An online certified digital art gallery built on the Waves Blockchain.

Do you have a unique selling point or benefit for artists or collectors?Instant low cost transactions, easy UI, marketing contests for both collectors and artists, stablecoin option handy for both artist and collector, PoS blockchain (energy efficient), a tool to quickly verify if the source matches the creation in case of conflict. Fast growing userbase.

What is your ethos?
All data has to be available on blockchain and IPFS with use of a centralized server only for the hosting of the webapp and cashing dApp data into local database for more efficiency. A highly efficient platform is the end goal.

Do you have a roadmap of new features that your platform will roll out?
Secondary market, cache updater (more scalable, filters, search engine), API, $SIGN governance and staking are currently in discussion, many marketing contests to stimulate and reward both artists and collectors.

How has the cryptoart and nft landscape shaped the platform/company? 
When initially developing SIGN Art, there was no intention of an NFT market, it was going to be a digital art gallery which made use of the existing to certify authenticity of digital art. Artists would be able to create their own certified portofolio. This got us to discover cryptoart and we immediately discovered that adding a primary and secondary market with NFT’s to the platform could bring a lot of value as well as solve many existing problems on Ethereum built platforms.

How did you discover Crypto Art NFTs? 
While developing and doing market research for SIGN Art we discovered the growing market of cryptoart NFT’s.

What if anything, has surprised you about the cryptoart or nft landscape?
The amount of global influencers partaking in the cryptoart market as of late. It was inevitable to happen eventually though.

How would you like the field of cryptoart and nfts to evolve over time? 
Mainly would like to see a crosschain future in which platforms of different blockchains are able to communicate with eachother in an efficient way, besides ofcourse inevitable exponential growth.

How can the cryptoart/nft landscape encourage new collectors to join the scene in the coming year? 
Loads of educational content, showcasing how and why collecting digital art is a possibility and how cryptocurrency works.

You can view some of the artistic talent on today