TARDX Collectibles on https://opensea.io/collection/tardx

What’s the concept of the collection ?
TARDX is not just another 10K nfts drop, we aim to create a symbiotic ecosystem between artists, marketplaces and gamers. TARDX is a piece of digital art, a gaming character and an NFT Lab.

Tardx.club – Dedicated website
https://opensea.io/collection/tardx – Collection on Opensea

What inspired the collection?
The collection is inspired on Harto’s characters. We wanted to bodies with a certain human appearance, but the result of a genetic modification that went wrong. Vivid colors and retro look, with tones inspired by the Memphis design of the 80s that characterizes Harto’s style of the last years. We are inspired by technology and tardigrades, magnificent creatures that can survive even in space.

How it was made?
TARDXs are created from 19 genesis pieces, the originals. Each original is part of a collection with different powers and unique characteristics. We have created a super algorithm that mixes the parts in a random way and generates a calculation of the DNA of each TARDX.

Why it’s such a good collection ?
TARDX is the first NFT Collectible that allows you to switch between 2D super high quality render and 3D model natively on Opensea ! In fact is an NFT 4 in 1 with coded functionalities. We have developed our contract in a way in which we can constantly evolve the project.

Some of the additional features in the TARDX Interface

Goals for the collection ?
The profits from the presale will be divided among three 3 axes:
Artists Collaboration
Gen 2 development for breeding and AR fights
Community development and events
We want to interact with marketplaces and generate a circular economy helping artists and gamers, a win-win!

What is an EGG?
Each TARDX has a unique DNA and various attributes that contribute to their rarity. Instant reveal would jeopardize the fairness of the distribution as it would mean the CIDs are already on chain and some smarty pants could search the smart contract for the most valuable TARDXs. The egg allows us to maintain randomness in the distribution.

One of the TARDX Eggs

Any interesting facts ?
There is something very funny that happened with one of the TARDXs, all the names are randomly generated from a big list of words, we don’t put extra parameters only random words.

One of the originals is called Francium_Fakepunk his head is a Daft Punk tribute, funny no?

TARDX by Harto