‘Jetty Jelly’ by tBurd

CAN Review

Arriving from a visual journalism and photography background, tBurd’s canon of work builds upon his experience to document and record distinct moments in time. The photographic image therefore remains as a linchpin throughout his visual portfolio and enables him to experiment and develop his work. Looking at ‘Jetty Jelly’ above, we can see an amalgam of imagery that creates an ‘other worldy’ vista of cityscape and floating jellyfish arranged in a symmetrical pattern. This colourful image takes on an almost transcendental feeling with the rising jellyfish.

In contrast to the previous image, ‘Moroccan car wash portrait’, relies upon the bold shape and pattern within the manipulated facial structure of the subject to convey an intimate portrait that forces us to look more deeply at the image to decipher the contours of the facial features.

‘Moroccan Car Wash Portrait’ by tBurd

The final piece of work from tBurd is a time-lapse of the Frank Gehry designed ‘Walt Disney Concert Hall’ in downtown L.A.. The video exemplifies the ability of time-lapse to frame a monumental architectural piece against the blurring lines of night time traffic and the flitting figures that emerge on the sidewalk. The beauty of the piece also stems from the dynamic angled composition and road markings that lead the eye upwards and out from the lower centre of the video. You can view the video online on Rarible.

‘Concert Hall’ by tBurd

The experimental and intuitive nature of tBurd’s canon of work reveals an artist who is inspired by the world around him and there is therefore an eclectic mix of themes and imagery which is very diverse. We also look forward to future releases that continue to refine and develop the themes and narrative within the work itself to provide a concentrated aesthetic that is clearly identifiable to tburd.

Artist Interview


Social media links
@timtime on twitter
@tburd.eth on instagram
Rarible link – https://app.rarible.com/tburd/onsale

What is your background as an artist in general? 
Visual Journalism/Photography

What is your overall process in generating art? 
I use my photography and video with various editing programs to make collages, fine-art prints and NFTs on different platforms

How would you describe your art in your own words?
Colorful, photographic and intimate.

How did you discover Crypto Art NFTs? 
Aavegotchi got me really into DeFi and rarity farming. I saw all the platforms popping up started submitting to Rarible.

Has the digital nature of cryptoart NFTs changed how you approach your art practice? 
I have found more potential subjects and so many new ideas and influences with the masses of artists submitting work. It has increased my need for new technology and to keep growing as an artist.

What if anything, has surprised you about this new area of art practice? 
The community is still polarized with a few big names making the majority of big sales, nothing new… but there are so many undiscovered artists out here that are hugely supportive and innovative. I’m truly blown away by the kindness and amount of genuine people too. Love to see everyone growing and giving back!

How would you like the field of cryptoart and nfts to evolve over time? 
I just want to keep growing and learn new programs, the field of crypto art is so varied but I’d like to see more small artists rise to the top and less Mark Cuban style stuff popular.

How can access and information to this new field of art practice be encouraged? 
Twitter, Discord forums, TokenSmart Discord in particular. Also by learning more about how to manage your crypto assets.

Thank you for your time!

CAN – You can view more of tBurd’s work via his social media feeds above and of course his Rarible profile https://app.rarible.com/tburd/onsale